Friday, March 13, 2009

Who knew?

I've been having a lot of money troubles ... related to a broken car, insurance rates going up, a load of my laundry being stolen and necessary to replace, and a trip to India I thought I could afford until all the other stuff happened.

But who knew you could call your phone company and say "I need my bill to be cheaper" and they'll cut it in half? Or that you can call student loans providers and say "I'm broke. You're going to have to lower my payments or you're not getting any" and your payments will be cut back by 75%?! Or that you can tell your live-in boyfriend "you're lazy. I'm tired of fighting over housework. You pay me like a maid and I'll just keep doing it all but we can stop fighting over it already" and you can make an extra $50 per week?!? So now I feel like I'm back on the happy train (choo! choo!)

I'm going to make it to India because I'm brilliant. Or brilliantish. I still have a lot of work to do to snazzy up my etsy shop and to increase my sales on there because if etsy could provide a reliable extra few bucks every once in a while, I'd be able to finally relax (and wouldn't that be lovely?)

Spring is so close to being here in full. And I'm celebrating my 26th birthday this weekend. That might contribute to my feelings of elation. Just a bit. Maybe it's the anticipation of gifts. Or good food. Or friends. Or all of it.

Who cares? I want it all. Bring it on.

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