Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recipe for a bad day

Begin by ensuring that you have everything you need. Specifically, one tired girl.
Mix in equal parts chaotic work place and public speaking engagement.
Add too many tempting cookies in the staff kitchen
In a small bowl, combine dry ingredients: no one needs you, you can't go home early, nothing interesting is happening, you haven't received an email in 2.47 hours, you really want to play on your blog but know that would be frowned upon (you naughty employee you)
Combine wet ingredients and dry and mix until you are ready to shoot yourself.
Cook until eyebrows are furrowed, all responses are one word and you cannot think of anything other than getting the hell out of there.

*no offense if meant to be taken by anyone i work with. My bad day had absolutely nothing to do with you and absolutely everything to do with me having a bad day.

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