Monday, March 2, 2009

Slightly left of balanced

I'm having a really hard time finding balance in my life. I don't even understand how other people do it. Honestly. I'm probably at the point where if you told me you've got it down I would kneel down, worship you and devote a very small religion to your name.

I mean, ideally, I would love to have time for nutrition, fitness, work, friends, creativity, my relationship, my home and adventure/exploration/travel. But who has enough hours in the day?! I certainly don't. I alternate between devoting the majority of my time to work and going crazy, devoting most of my time to creativity and becoming a hermit, and devoting most of my time to my friends and failing at everything else.

I miss being young and everything just ... working. You can tell me that my world is a little more complex now, but I was a wonky kid. I used to eat mozarella cheese with molasses on it (I swear, I do not eat that anymore ... often ... don't knock it til you try it!) and zoodle sandwiches (exactly the way it sounds and splooshing all over the place). I would read a page of a book, memorize it and rewrite it word for word. I put on synchronized swimming exhibitions with my friend in her parent's pool. If that's not complex I don't know what is.

But for some reason, since becoming an adult, I'm obsessed with balance. And the more I try to achieve it, the more askew I am.

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  1. honestly, i dont think anyone truely feels balanced. people strive towards it, some people are better at holding things together than other, but no one is truely got it all together. thats why yoga classes are so popular, people trying to get closer to personal peace and inner calm and balance. they help, alot actually, but other than the Dali Lama, i'm not sure anyone has attained the perfect balance. thats no excuse for not trying though! what makes us good as people is not our end result, but how we get there, how we choose to live and work within our circumstances of our imperfect lives.

    thats just my opinion! i'm a mess too!