Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Right now

I feel ...
Excited - I am in the process of making the coolest in the universe stuffed robot that just happens to be partially recycled because she'll be made out of my old jeans and my favourite material (buttons!)

Rebellious against the letter I got in the mail today telling me I have to take a defensive driving course in order to keep my lisence even though the two accidents I got into that led to me being mailed this letter were due to too much ice on the road and me sliding at 5km per hour or less.

Disheartened at the severe lack of funds that is my current bank account and at the idea of looking for a second job to work part time a couple evenings and maybe one weekend day per week to make up for it. On top of the full time and highly demanding job I already have and all the while trying to squeeze in some creative time to keep up with my etsy shop but also trying to balance out the amount of money I'm spending on my trip to India.

Thrilled at the idea that the first time I ever leave the country, I'm going to India! What the hey man?! Who'd uv thunk it? I'm going SHOPPING and I want to see elephants and my travel mate just wants to jump in a dinghy and go white water rafting ... sure!

Confused about my birthday. What does a girl who's broke ass like me do to celebrate?

Guilty that I ate a 1/2 bowl of chocolate covered almonds this evening ... and I'm not even going to make the excuse that that's ok every once in a while because I've been eating crap way more frequently than every once in a while.

And tired. Sleepy ... yawn

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