Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ethics of crafting

Being someone who believes wholeheartedly in protecting the environment, human rights and general happiness, I try to make all my crafting ethical. But nothing's perfect and some production practices and results end up being more ethical than other attempts.

Like if I bought a pair of socks that were too small and turned them into a monkey. I could have donated the socks. But I didn't. Or when I make my cards I do use a bit of "virgin paper" - white paper that has not been used before. Can you forgive me? I ran into another crafter in a chat room on etsy once who couldn't believe I buy bangles at the thrift shop and cover them with magazine paper to create the lovelies I sell in my shop. But I promise you, I only use the ugly ones. Picture - orange, plastic, glitter, opaque ... those are not descriptions of separate bangles, that was one of the ones I used.

I like to think that when I do transform objects that I've found I am making them into something better, prettier, more functional. And I know there are other ways to get around it - like buying recycled paper to use for the white parts ... But I also don't have the money that it would take to make sure all my crafting processes are 100% ethical from start to finish.

I also realized I don't have to indulge these details to you but I like to think I am an upfront and honest person and when I asked myself What would Sucia do? This is what I came up with.

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