Thursday, March 5, 2009

a terrible horrible no good very bad day

Can I move to Australia?

I hate today. I hate it I hate it.
I got up today to a grumpy live-in boyfriend who was so preoccupied with his own stress he didn't want to kiss back.
I get all ready for work and on the way I get in a car accident. A true accident, but the "You're seen to be at fault, your deductible is $200 and your next lisence will cost $800" variety.
Did I mention I bought tickets to India for a once in a lifetime kind of trip with a girlfriend that I can't really afford?
I get to work and I get to tell my boss that the speaking gig I was supposed to do with some youth last night got cancelled when we got there so I had to pay the youth to do nothing and then drive them home.
I ate 5 cookies and I feel fat.
I get through the day somehow and when I get home my place is a mess and I'm hungry and cranky and I'm having a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

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